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“First off, we encourage people to do the Reset as a couple. We found it advantageous to be able to use the “buddy system” – meaning we had each other’s backs. Whenever one of us was tempted to slip and eat an off-plan food, the other was always there to “talk them off the ledge.” In other words, we held each other accountable. 

We were amazed how the smallest change could create such a massive result.
We learned how to “listen to our gut” and eat only until we felt satisfied, instead of until we were stuffed. We soon began feeling more in control of our eating habits; and that automatically helped us to raise our self-esteem, which lead to raising our overall confidence and joy. 
Ryan was also able to let go of some self-destructive habits that were causing her to feel a deep sense of shame around food and eating. As one example, before the Reset, she had a habit of getting up and eating in the middle of the night, and not being able to stop.
Then she’d wake up tired, and angry that she’d done this, and eat some more.
She’d eat because she was angry, then get angry because she ate.
The information she gained in the Reset sessions put an end to this vicious cycle. 
Cliff shed 10 lbs. and it was “the easiest weight I ever lost” because he didn’t feel at all like he was “on a diet.” Rather, “I was simply eating sensibly.”  
In closing, we found the 21-Day Reset to be life altering, to say the least. And doing it as a couple made it even more powerful. It was like living with a loving health coach. We are both very competitive, so that too fed the desire to have a good result.” 
Thank you, Dr. de Mello, and your wonderful, supportive team of experts!
Ryan & Cliff