Integrative Detox Program

Join a Team of Experts for this Mind and Body Integrative Detox.

Struggling with weight loss?

You probably feel lost and overwhelmed with so much information out there.

You might have tried different miracle diets, programs, and books with no lasting results. 

Starving your body will not get you what you want and might even worsen the problem.

Weight gain can be just the tip of the iceberg.

Inflammation, Gut issues, stress, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, and toxicities…

Overcome the obstacles to a healthy weight loss journey.

Don’t fool yourself again this summer.

Welcome to the Akasha Reset Program

Watch this video to find out why Dr. Maggie Ney recommends this Program to all her patients.

Achieve your optimal weight in a healthy way while also cleansing and purifying your body.

Supplements to optimize detoxification and nutrition.

Dietary re-education and lifestyle recommendations.

Easy-to-follow Food and Health plan.

Online platform with videos and materials from doctors.

Exclusive planning tools to keep you on track.

Weekly health coach support.

This program is for you if…

You tried different diets with no lasting results and don’t know what to trust anymore.

You want to detox safely following a doctor protocol. 

If you want more energy, better sleep, better libido.

If you’re avoiding dealing with this necessary change in your lifestyle.

If you’re dealing with any disease related to inflammation.

See What Others Are Saying

"I started “listening” to my body..."

"My journey with Dr. de Mello has been like no other. By following his Gut heath and the RESET Program protocols, I’ve lost 50 pounds and counting, and committed to my sobriety like never before. I am more interested in my health, in what I eat, and how I care for my body in a way that I have never been before. " - Lee Daniels / Writer, Producer and Director.

"I feel more energy and my digestion improved."

"I'm 63, I follow good nutritional habits, and work out. However, something was missing in wellness journey. So I decided to try Akasha Reset Program. I feel more energy and my digestion improved. But the great award to me was all the great information I was exposed to." - Regina Cunha/ Commercial Specialist

This amazing team will guide you through your journey

With more 20 years of existence, the Akasha Center is a sanctuary for health, wellness and healing in Santa Monica, California.

The Reset Program was developed by our Multidisciplinary team to support you through this journey. As facilitators of health and healing, we embody a new model of health care providing a whole-person approach to comprehensive health and wellness.

We developed our own naturals supplements with high quality ingredients to support your body and mind during this process.

"Healing is what remains when we strip away all that is toxic and unnatural."

"My skin is glowing and acne has cleared up!"

"My skin is glowing and acne has cleared up, my bowel movements are regular and smooth when I had some constipation beforehand, and I feel more energized. I also noticed that my premenstrual cramps have gone away!" - Gina Galvez